This is for you too - Es para ustedes tambien !

For you who speak English !

YES ! Paris is a lovely city with lots of fabulous places and restaurants... but YES Paris is also the city where you have a huge number of homeless people... !

NO ! Parisian people almost never go to touristic places unless they have foreign friends coming... So where do Parisian usually go... ??

Paris is this city with all its contradictions.


PariSolidari-Thé walks are organised to discover Paris through another angle.
Not the touristic point of view, but the realistic one.

Let's go and see a different Paris, more human, more connected, more helpful... !!

We'll discover passionate people

PariSolidari-Thé organizes activities to connect curious and passionate people, to make connections between people and to make


You would like to visit Paris differently ?

You want to see Paris without the monuments and the toutistic places but with the special Parisian places, looking up and being curious ?

Come with PariSolidari-Thé to the City to walk like a Parisian and discover Paris with another eye !

We will go and meet people, we will pass through charity cafés and shops, non-profit organizations where Parisians are volunteers... 


Price: it's up to you !

You give whatever you want at the end of the walk: 5, 10, 15, 20 euros, ...more, or less... YOU choose !


Para ustedes quienes hablan español !

Con PariSolidari-Thé, pueden visitar Paris de otra manera, descubrir lugares insolitos, encontrar personas curiosas y apasionadas de Paris y de otros lugares que les acogen en casa para compartir sus pasiones y centros de intereses. La actividad dura 1 hora hasta 3 horas. Privatizar las actividades es posible. Son abiertos de espiritu y curiosos ? No estaran desilusionados... Hasta luego !